Newsletter February 2006 Issue 16

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New Features

We have been adding lots of enhancements to SmartSimple behind the scenes.

  • Email Broadcast, Web Form Tabs - you can now organize your broadcast messages and web forms on tabs to make finding information easier.
  • Calendar Items Rollover - activity details are displayed in a preview window when you move your mouse pointer over events on the calendar.
  • New Mapping Features - in most applications the system can calculate distance between the location of a meeting and the addresses of the people attending.
  • Universal Tracking Application - flexible data security model, item lock and unlock based on status. You also now have the ability to store email messages (sent and received) as activities within a tracking application.
  • Web Forms - you can now email broadcast a web forms to a group of contacts and once the form is completed, it is automatically associated with their profile.


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational and courses are scheduled between now and October, 2008.

Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

Training Dates 2008