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The System Configuration Lock provides the ability to remove access to all settings in your copy of SmartSimple using a global system-lock password.

  • This will prevent creation, deletion or modification of Standard or Custom Fields, changes to any of the Settings pages, changes in permissions, portal views, etc.
  • The lock will be in effect for all users, including Global User Administrators. It can only be unlocked by re-entering the global system-lock password.
  • This system lock-down can be configured and enabled on the Global Settings page in the Security Settings section.


Setting the System Lock Password

The System Lock Password is set by clicking on the System Lock Password tab at the top of the Lock System Configurations page.

  • To set the password the first time leave the "Old Password" field blank, and enter the new password twice where indicated.
  • To change the System Lock Password enter the old password where indicated, and input a new password in the last 2 fields.
  • When setting a System Lock Password be sure to share it with anyone else that should have the ability to lock or unlock your instance.
Note: If the System Lock password is lost or forgotten you will have to contact
SmartSimple Support to have it reset.
No users, including Global User Administrators have the ability to reset the password.

Only the primary SmartSimple account contacts will be permitted to request this.

Locking or Unlocking the System Configuration

The Lock System Configurations page indicates whether the system is currently Locked or Unlocked.
If you wish to change the status either from Locked to Unlocked, or vice versa:

  • Enter the System Lock Password
  • Enter a brief explanation of why the system is being locked/unlocked in the Comments section.
  • Click the Lock or Unlock button.


The History section displays a record of the following:

  • The name of the user making the change.
  • Whether the system was Locked or Unlocked.
  • The comments entered by the person locking/unlocking.
  • The date and time the system lockdown was activated/deactivated.