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Why.jpeg This article will explain why this feature is a benefit to your organization.

List Views

One of our most popular features, the List View is where you conduct all your searches for information within your SmartSimple system. With the advanced search feature, you can also conduct advanced searches, combining a variety of criteria (applicant/claimant location, award amounts, type of grant/award, etc.) to create a variety of ad-hoc reports. This gives you the flexibility to create reports tailored for specific purposes.

The advantage of multiple List Views is a wider range of options for reporting information from within your SmartSimple system. So, for example, if you wanted to know how many grants for more than $10,000 were approved between 2010 and 2014, broken down by state, post-secondary institution and faculty, List Views will get you there. There are two types of List Views: System Views and Personal Views, offering each user the ability to personalize their own view of the information in the system in a way that’s intuitive to them.

System Views belong to a specific role. All users in that role will have the option to select this List View, and Multiple System Views can be defined for each role. Personal Views are only visible to the user who creates them. Multiple Personal Views can be defined for each user.

The Settings page allows you to define the List View for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 records, as well as the Accounts and/or Contacts sections on the Level 1 records (if the Contacts/Accounts Standard Fields have been enabled). This provides additional options to personalize your view of your information.

Adjustable List View Column Widths

This feature gives you the option to view and adjust the width of any column or set of columns on any page in your SmartSimple system. You can use your personal or organizational preferences to set column widths, making it easier to read across the screen.

Custom List View Export Option

SmartSimple includes the flexibility for data integration into programs like QuickBooks. Along with being able to export data, you can also apply custom templates. For example, List Views of payment records to be uploaded to your Accounts Payable system can now be set up in your SmartSimple system, and you can format the layout to match any system specific requirements.

You can customize your List View export in the same way that you can when exporting reports. This offers the flexibility to change the format, the information, and specify the fields you want to export, rather than simply take everything that is seen on the screen.


The reporting system is an integral part of the SmartSimple business operating system, offering you the flexibility to take any lists of data from within your SmartSimple system and create a variety of report styles and options. The other benefits are:

  • You don't need to buy or install any additional software.
  • All functionality to create reports is available within the standard interface.
  • The creation of reports is restricted to users with the appropriate role-based permissions.

Reports created from within your SmartSimple system are able to:

  • Display data from one or more tables.
  • Group (aggregate) data from one or more tables.
  • Reports can be designated as Internet Enabled and linked to public websites.
  • Reports can be viewed from any browser in any location.
  • You set the role permissions to define who can view which reports.
  • Report results can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

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