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The SmartSimple platform supports advanced document type fields used to create document management functionality in any context such an application, contact or organisation. The following field types support document management functionality:

Documents are always connected to some “higher level” entity such as a Universal Tracking Application entity, organizational or contact type records. The characteristics of these document fields are as follows:

Web Page View Field

This field type is used to create documents based on underlying fields, documents can be:

Upload - Multiple Files Storage Field

This field type is used to store documents in the related entity.

This field type support the following attributes:

  • Single File or Multiple Files stored in a single field.
  • Version control.
  • Special Permission required deleting file.
  • Keyword searching for all document types such as PDF, MS Word, MS Excel etc.
  • On-Line file editing and saving of files (required SmartSimple Editing Plug-Ins for Microsoft Office).
  • Role-based file view, modify and delete permissions (as with all other field types).

MS Word Merge Field

  • This Custom Field type provides the ability to dynamically create an MS Word document from underlying SmartSimple data.
  • The MS Word document can also include tables that will list details of Level 2 or Level 3 activities associated with a given record.
  • The SmartDoc Template also allows you to easily upload the resulting MS Word document back to SmartSimple to be stored in a specified Single or Multiple file field.