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General Description

The discussion board is the SmartSimple forum, you can access the Discussion Board from the Communications Menu and create discussions by clicking the New Topic button.


General Settings

Topic Name is the name of your Discussion

Suggested Tags are keywords that help users search for your topic.

Description is the description of your Discussion

Topic Options

You can also set view permissions with Allow View Topic to your discussion by Role.


In your Topic, you can create threads by clicking the New Topic link.

General Settings

Subject is the name of your thread.

Tags are keywords that help users search for your thread. Clicking on the original Suggested Tag will paste that tag onto the field.

Body is the main text of the post.

Thread Options

Activate Email Notification, if enabled, notifies the creator of the thread whenever a new post is created.

Posts and Replies

Inside your thread you can post replies by clicking the Post button. Each response will have a body text field and users can edit or delete their posts by clicking the Edit post or Delete button. The creator of the thread can also select one post as the solution for the thread.

Enabling Discussion Board

First, you must assign roles in order to access and manage the Discussion Board. You can do this by accessing System Feature Permissions under Roles and Security -unfinished-

TODO:Feature permission (Roles and security settings -> system feature permissions -> action permissions -< Discussion Groups)