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General Description

The Text Box - Number field allows you to define how numbers in the field will be displayed.

Field Illustrated

Text Box - Number, in Edit Mode (above)


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For further information, please refer to Custom Fields – General Information.

Options listed below are specific to this particular field type.

Number Format

Number Format Value (Example) Display (Example)
None 123456.51 123456.51
Integer 123456.51 123,457
Comma 123456.51 123,457
Decimal 123456.51 123,456.51
Currency (US Dollars)  123456.51 $123,456.51
Percent (Decimal) 0.5199 52%
Percent (Display Number) 51.99 52%
Custom Not Applicable Not Applicable
Number Precision Value (Example) Display (Example)
Whole Number 1234.1234 1234
One Decimal 1234.1234 1234.1
Two Decimals 1234.1234 1234.12
Three Decimals 1234.1234 1234.123
Four Decimals 1234.1234 1234.1234
Nearest Ten 1234 1230
Nearest Hundred 1234 1200
Nearest Thousand 1234 1000


  • The Number Format setting applies in view mode, or when the values are displayed in a Web Page View, Report, MS Word Merge, List View, etc.
  • Currency formatting will be applied when the record is in edit mode only if the setting "Apply Format in Edit Mode" is selected in the custom field settings.
  • Any currency defined by ISO 4217 can be shown by using the appropriate three-letter currency code. For example, if Currency-JPY (for Japanese Yen) is entered into the Number Format setting, the entered value of 12 will be displayed as ¥12.

Important: in edit mode you must use a period (.) as the decimal, even if the currency defined uses a comma (,).

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