Current Upgrade: April 2016

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General Details

Upgrade Dates

Public Cloud Production release date: April 28th 2016

Public Cloud Backup release date: April 14th 2016

Private Cloud Production (Managed Upgrades) release date: May 12th 2016

Private Cloud Backup (Managed Upgrades) release date: April 28th 2016

Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to their server:

Enhanced Visual Styles for Tabs and Captions in Arcadia

Updated the style of tabs and captions within the Arcadia interface for improved look and feel. These include changes to the color and style of field labels, and the introduction of accent colors in tabs.

Enhanced Dynamic List View Filtering

List views and search filters have been enhanced with the ability to dynamically filter lists based upon the current user. This allows the creation of a single list view that shows the current user all records they are associated to in a specific role.

Enhanced Level 1 List Views With Ability to Search Organization and Contact Fields

A past enhancement added the ability to display the fields of associated records within a Level 1 list view, this enhancement now allows you the ability to also perform searches on these fields with advanced search. The Advanced Search functionality has now been enhanced to allow you to search the following records on a Level 1:

a) the organization connected to the Level 1
b) the branch connected to the Level 1
c) the external person connected to the Level 1
d) the internal person connected to the Level 1

Enhanced Level 3 List Views With Ability to Search Level 2 Fields

A past enhancement allowed you to display Level 2 fields within a Level 3 list view, this enhancement now allows you the ability to also perform searches on the Level 2 fields within advanced search. This will allow you to create more complex searches and filters.

Updated Reports List Page

This enhancement extends the Arcadia list view page-style to the Reports page. This enhancement also adds search functionality.

New Font Weight and Color Settings Added to List View Columns

This enhancement adds the ability to easily select a font color or bold the text values of a column in a list view through the list view settings.

New Currencies Now Supported in the System

40 new currencies have been added to the list of standard system currencies.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

New Customizable Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Privacy is a shared responsibility. This enhancement adds the ability for organizations to define their own policies. Separate policies can be created for individual country and language combinations. Also added is a Privacy & Security tab where all policies are managed. The policies will appear on the standard system login page as well as in the header section in user portals.

Enhanced Search and Filter Functionality Added to Provider / Consumer List Views

This feature enhances provider / consumer list views with the ability to search and filter results. When viewing a provider record you can apply a list view filter on the list of consumer records.

New Disable User Account After Inactive Period

This enhancement enables user accounts to become disabled after a specified period of inactivity. Controlled by the Password Policy settings, an account can become disabled, requiring a password reset to regain access.

Beta Previews

New Field Revision Annotations

Revision Annotations allows you to add annotations at the field level and allow edits to be made to specific fields while keeping the rest of the record locked. Flexible security allows you to configure role-based permissions to allow different users the ability to add annotations to fields while others the ability to edit the field value.

New Contact Invitations

The Contact Invitation feature simplifies the process of inviting contacts to collaborate on a system record through an email invitation. It also allows for the invitation of new contacts that do not currently exist in the system. To facilitate this, invited contacts can accept or decline the invitation to associate them to the record. Contacts who are new will be directed to a contact sign-up page where you can then control their registration behavior.

New Assignment Panels - Phase 1

Assignment Panels allows the navigation of different list views simultaneously and easily search and bulk assign users to records. This first phase adds the ability to assign users in one panel to Level 1 records in the other panel. This feature will be expanded in the future to allow assignment to and from more record types.

New Create Consumer Records in Batch from Provider

This new feature enables the creation of consumer associated records in batch based on the contacts or companies associated to a provider record.

Enhanced Stripe e-Payment Integration

This enhancement furthers the integration with contemporary payments service, Stripe, and builds on the initial beta release in November. Through the Invoice module, payments can be accepted by credit cards using the Stripe integration.

Notes for Admins

New Style Sheet for XML Budgets and Defined Default Classes

Updated the style of XML data custom fields with a new default style sheet. This enhancement eliminates the need for hand coding HTML styling when creating XML data fields.

New Arcadia X Layout Picker

The Arcadia X Pre-Made Layout Picker enables the point-and-click configuration of different portal layouts using pre-made templates and the choice of Arcadia X themes and backgrounds. Arcadia X layouts built using the layout picker are responsive by default.

New SmartField PDF Page Options

This enhancement enables greater control of PDF documents generated from SmartField Views. Easily control page breaks and changes to page orientation within a PDF generated from a SmartField View with field format settings.

New Role Permissions for Submit Buttons

Submit buttons can now be configured so that they are presented to users based on role and UTA role permissions reducing the need for visibility conditions.

Enhanced Dynamic Control Fields

Updated the design of dynamic control custom fields for more consistent and improved behavior. The improvements were achieved through changes to the way Dynamic Control fields are rendered. While subfields are currently repeated multiple times on the form, in the case that they are available for multiple options in the dynamic control field, they will now only exist on the form once.

Extended Record Lock Feature to Contact and Company Records

The Record Lock feature ensures that only one person may be editing a record at any given time. This enhancement extends the Record Lock functionality to include Contacts and Organizations, and eliminates the possibility of two users concurrently editing these records.

Enhanced Message Queue Functionality and Re-Sending of Failed Emails

Updated the message queue list with the ability to easily discover and re-send failed emails.