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Note: The terms Company and Account may have been renamed in your instance of SmartSimple.

Company and Account Settings 2017.png

  • Standard Fields - Standard fields associated with organizations.
  • Custom Fieldscustom fields associated with both internal and external companies.
  • Dynamic Field Visibility Controls – Configure dynamic field visibility controls for Business Unit and Organization.
  • Statuses – Statuses used for Business Unit and Organization
  • Submit & Save Buttons – Submit & Save Buttons used for Business Unit and Organization
  • SmartCheck Validation – SmartCheck validation to attach to form buttons for Business Unit and Organization
  • Signup Pages – used to manage external web pages where companies can register.
  • Duplicate Check Settings - Allows you to define which fields are prompted for and compared with existing Companies for duplicates when adding new organizations. See Duplicate Check.
  • List View - used to configure the list view for organizations.
  • Lookup List View - used to configure the fields shown when using an Ajax lookup on companies, also determines the list view for the Lookup dialog for the standard field "Organization" in the Universal Tracking Application™. See Configuring Ajax List Views.
  • Activity List View - used to configure the list views for Business Unit and Organization activities
  • Deleted Companies & Accounts - Allows you to view and/or restore recently deleted companies and accounts. See How do I undelete companies or contacts?
  • Deleted Company & Account Addresses - Allows you to view deleted multiple addresses of companies and accounts.
  • Default Primary contact - Make the first user created in an organization with no users the primary contact
  • Disable Address Inheritance - Prevent a new company or user address fields from defaulting to its parent
  • Company/Account Delete Redirect Template - Allows you to personalize the landing page after a business unit or account is deleted.

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