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How.png This article will explain how you can implement this feature for use on your SmartSimple system.


When enabled, SmartSimple's Autoconvert uploaded Word Documents to PDF feature automatically converts Word Documents that are uploaded to Multi File field types into PDF versions of the same document asynchronously.

Enabling the Feature

1. Go to the desired UTA, click on the Configuration Settings icon


2. Select the relevant Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 tab

3. Click on the Custom Fields hyperlink

The Custom Fields list is displayed.

4. Locate the specific Link – Multiple Files field type

5. Under the File Options menu, add a check mark to Auto Convert Documents to PDF on Upload

File Options - Auto Convert Documents to PDF on Upload.png

When checked, a new combo-box is displayed allowing other Multiple File fields to store the converted PDF called Save Auto Converted PDF To:. By default the converted PDF will be saved to the same field as the original Word Document.

Below is an image of the checked option and the new combo-box providing other field options from a drop down menu.
File Options - Auto Convert Documents to PDF on Upload checked.png


PDF documents can also be automatically merged into the final PDF when converting a Web Page View into PDF using ssattach.

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