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This article is about creating your own custom AI model for data analysis and reporting across multiple records within a UTA. This will give you the ability to quickly query your dataset using natural language instead of building a list view filter or report. For example, you could ask +AI Insight a question like “Please list all the applications that are still in the ‘Draft’ status” or “What are the award funding amounts for 2020, 2021, and 2023 respectively?”. Using the answers provided by +AI Insights can help you in several areas, such as aggregation, summarization, and prediction. It also provides the added benefit of using your own custom training set so the AI model can learn and incorporate knowledge specific to your system. This article also outlines how to set up and use your custom model.

Note: You will need an OpenAI license to use AI features on SmartSimple. You must be a Global Administrator to enable this feature. Contact your account manager or sales@smartsimple.com for further information on billing and implementation.


To configure your own model, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Global Settings > AI tab > +AI Insights
  2. Click the “New +AI Analyst” button (plus sign)
  3. Under the Analyst Name caption, enter a descriptive name.
  4. The Prompt Suggestions field can be populated with sample prompts for commonly asked questions. These prompts will appear above the chat window when the user launches their +AI Insight model.
  5. Under Tracking Application, select the desired UTA to use as a training set. In addition, you may choose to filter the kinds of records you want to include by type or status. Set role permissions if needed.
  6. Click Save.

Use Case: Report with +AI Insights

You can easily use +AI Insights instead of having to set up a separate Report. For example, below are a list of questions you could ask AI Insight:

  • Make a list of the top ten funding recipients
  • Which applications with a status of “Review” have been submitted within the last 30 days?
  • How many applications had their status set to “Declined” this month? Make a 200 word summary of why they were declined.
  • Using all the applications that have their status set to “Approved” this month, write a summary of why they were approved.

Use Case: Compare/Contrast Application Submissions

As an example, let’s use the +AI Insights to help reviewers compare and contrast application summaries on a grants manager (or similar tracking application). Unlike the Work with +AI feature (ideally suited for external users) that can help you on the individual record page, +AI Insights can aggregate, summarize, and review data across multiple records.

If we have multiple records in our grants manager with each record containing a text summary of their video applications, we can ask +AI Insights to compare and contrast these application summaries to help us in our decision-making process.

  1. Go to the UTA list view.
  2. Select the +AI Insights button in the top action bar to select and launch your desired +AI Insight model.
  3. In the chat window, ask +AI Insight to analyze the records in bulk. For example, you could ask the AI to compare/contrast the text transcripts of two video applications and make a recommendation based on how well the text transcript meets program objectives.

Note: If your submission process includes media files, you can use other AI features to automatically generate summaries of the media contents as soon as they are uploaded. To find out more, read about using +AI Vision and +AI Transcription.

Surface +AI Insights on Portal Pages

+AI Insight models can also be surfaced in portal sections to allow users to interact with a specific +AI Insight model by presenting a button within the portal interface. To configure this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Main Menu > Users tab > Portals > Edit the desired portal > Create or edit a portal section with buttons
  2. Under the Buttons field, add a new button and give the button a descriptive Caption (Example: "Chat with +AI Insight")
  3. Click the URL Lookup button (binoculars icon)
  4. In the selection window, select "+AI Insights" as the object type. Select the desired tracking application and specific +AI Insight model you want to surface.
  5. Click Apply to save the selection

If the user possesses the necessary permissions to access the +AI Insight model, clicking the configured button in their portal will open a new or current window dedicated to the selected +AI Insight model, enabling the user to enter prompts, receive aggregation, and generate summaries or prediction information.

Alternatively, you may surface the +AI Insight model as a portal shortcut, by selecting “URL” for the Action Type and using the URL Lookup as described above.