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This article is about the +AI Vision feature which allows users to upload an image and have the AI answer specific questions regarding the image contents. This can allow you to gain relevant information about the image without having to open and examine the image yourself. In this article, you will learn how to configure and use +AI Vision.

Note: The +AI Vision feature has an image file size limit for 20MB. Only one image may be uploaded when +AI Vision is enabled. Supported image formats include PNG, JPEG, JPG, WEBP, and GIF. You will need an OpenAI license to use AI features on SmartSimple. You must be a Global Administrator to enable this feature. Contact your account manager or sales@smartsimple.com for further information on billing and implementation.

For a general overview of the +AI Vision feature, watch this video.

To watch this video in full screen, please click on the full screen button on the bottom right.


In order to configure +AI Vision, we first need to create a custom field that will store the answers to the questions we pose to the AI.

  1. Create a new custom field with the Field Type set to “Text Box - Multiple Lines”. Under Caption, enter “AI Vision Text”.
  2. (Optional) Toggle on Label as AI-Generated Content.
  3. Click Save.

    Next, we will create an upload custom field that will make use of the +AI Vision feature:

  4. Create a new custom field with the Field Type set to “Upload - Multiple Files Storage”.
  5. Under the File section, toggle on Enable +AI Vision
  6. Enter a relevant prompt into the +AI Vision Prompt field to ask +AI Vision a question regarding the upload. For example, if you wanted +AI Vision to provide a short description of the contents of the uploaded image, enter “Describe what the image contains in 100 words or less”.
  7. Select the “Text Box - Multiple Lines” custom field we created in Step 1 for the To Custom Field dropdown located under the Value Storage section. This tells +AI Vision to store the answers to the +AI Vision Prompt into this custom field.

Use Case: Generate Descriptions for User-Uploaded Images

As an example, let’s use +AI Vision to help automate a typical review process that involves user-generated image submissions. Using +AI Vision, reviewers can read text summaries regarding the image submission without having to download or open the image file.

To trigger +AI Vision and to test our previous configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Create or edit a new record
  2. Upload an image to the upload field that has Enable +AI Vision toggled on. Wait for the image to complete uploading.
  3. Click Save.

The text box field that we created to store answers to +AI Vision prompts will be populated with an answer.

This means that when a single image is uploaded to any upload field with +AI Vision enabled, the AI will automatically generate an answer to our prompts. Here are some sample prompts to get you started:

  • “Does the image contain at least one person?”
  • “Describe the main color composition of the image”
  • “How well does the image make use of negative space?”