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Tab Name Sub-section Description
System System Configuration How the system should be customized to your specific business needs, including system-wide variables and all custom fields (including those in UTAs)
System System Options Switch off or on certain System options
System System Process Configure certain processes that may need to be run on a regular basis
System System Log and Summary Access to logs and system overview sections
Branding Branding & Visual Settings How this copy of SmartSimple will look.
Branding General Terminology The company and people terminology you wish to use in this copy of SmartSimple.
Organizations General Settings Company signup pages, custom fields, Statuses and buttons.
Organizations List View Settings Company List view options
Organizations Miscellaneous Additional features available to organizations
Users General Settings User signup pages, standard fields, custom fields, Statuses and buttons.
Users List View Settings User list view options
User Miscellaneous Additional features available to users
Associations General Settings Switch on feature, and configure standard fields and custom fields
Associations List View Settings Association List view options
Associations Miscellaneous Additional features available to Associations
Associations Importing Tools Options to import Associations, People Relationships and Company Relationships
Transactions General Settings Transaction Types, standard fields, custom fields, Statuses and buttons.
Transactions List View Settings Transaction List view options
Security Business Security Settings How you wish to control access security.
Security System Security Settings Switch off/ on security settings.
Integrations Authentication Settings Configure Authentication Control and Single Sign-On.
Integrations SMTP Relay Settings Enable relay of all SmartSimple e-mail via your company's SMTP server.
Integrations API Settings Configure SmartConnect RESTful API functions
Integrations Service Settings Configure Integration Key Management, including on-line signing of documents
Integrations Watch List Settings Manage Watchlist and GuideStar settings
Integrations Mobile App Settings Settings specific to the Mobile application
Classic Options Classic Interface Options Enable old versions of certain system features
Classic Options Classic Features and Functions Control of various system objects
Classic Options People Online Settings Select the fields that will be displayed when you move your mouse over a user listed in the People online list.
Classic Options ObjectSync Settings Provides ability to synchronise companies and users between instances.