Configuring a Receiving Instance

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Activating a Receiving Instance

In this article, you will configure a receiving instance.

This instance has the application already enabled, including the UTA Data Exchange feature, but the Receiving from Settings are not configured.

Accessing the Receiving Instance Settings

In this exercise you will configure a second copy of SmartSimple as a receiving copy.

1. Launch a new browser window.

2. Type the address:

3. Log in to this instance with your username and password.

4. Select the Configuration, Tracking Applications menu.


5. Click the Edit button for the Contract Tracking Application.

The Data Exchange check box is enabled.

6. Click the Settings tab.

The Settings page is displayed.

7. Scroll to the Exchange Settings section.


The instance that is to receive the data from the sending instance must also be configured with a list of instances that it will receive from.

8. Click on the Receiving From List:

The current list is displayed.


9. Click on New Receiving From.

The New Receiving From window is displayed. This page consists of six sections.