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For most types of Custom Fields (all fields that store data rather than files) the Value Storage section allows you to select another field on the same entity (or within the Universal Tracking Application at the same level) to store the same data.

Whenever values need to be passed between levels, a Template / Type Formula should be used. 

The exceptions are Web Page View, MS Word Merge and Single File or Multiple Files fields which allow selection of a file storage Custom Field using Value Stores To. The Single File or Multiple Files field selected in the Value Stores To option can be at the same level, or on the parent or grandparent levels (if available).

The To Custom Field option can also be used in Shadow Applications that don’t inherit their Custom Fields from the parent. Again, Value Stores To only allows storage of data to Custom Fields on the same level, either in the Shadow Application or in the Parent UTA.

The To Custom Field option can also be used with dependent (child) fields on Dynamic Control Fields to store to other fields on the same level.

The From Custom Field displays the name of the source field that the current field is pulling data from.