Using a Check Box to run a JavaScript

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You can use a Check Box to run a JavaScript, such that the check box works much like a button on the page to run the script. This is done using a combination of the HTML Tag and a browser script to create the action event. One of the lines in the script can also un-check the check box.

In the HTML Tag field on the Check Box Custom Field you would put an OnClick event:


Then in the browser script Custom Field you would define the JavaScript function:

function runthis()
--enter whatever the script should do here--

where "123456" is the field ID of the Check Box.

  • The document.frmevent.cf_123456[1].checked=false line unchecks the check box if you wish to have the check box behave like a button.


  • At Level 1 use document.form1 instead of document.frmevent
  • On a tab use document.frmedit instead of document.frmevent

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