The Musings of Chin - UTA Batch Update

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This week's article by Chin sheds light on some of the finer nuances around the Batch Update feature of the Universal Tracking Application. It's a good read for anyone working with these features!

Let's learn about the UTA batch update:

What and Why

The UTA batch update provides a method for updating a selection of L1, L2, L3, transactions, and time sheets through the list view. This allows you to filter out a specific list to update through the use of the list view search criteria. The UTA batch update allows you to:

1) Update Contacts - you can update the various contact standard fields on an entity and replace/add contacts.

2) Update Status - you can update the status of an entity and trigger any applicable workflows associated to said status.

3) Run Template Formulas - you can re-run template formulas on an entity providing you an easy way to batch update standard/custom fields.

Where and How

The UTA batch update is a button found at the bottom of the UTA list view and manifests as a lightbox or pop-up div. The ability to use the batch update is controlled by a manager permission within each UTA section.

Latest Improvements

The batch update has been recently updated to allow you to do the following:

1) Update all records returned by the list view regardless of how many pages have been returned.

2) Add multiple contacts/contact group to the L1 (previously this only allowed you to add one contact at a time).