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The purpose of Status Indicator is to provide a clear visual indicator as to status of a Level 1 within it's life cycle. The indicator is a Level 1 Standard Field that you need to enable in order to display the indicator.

Status Indicator-001.png

When a Level 1 record is displayed the Status Indicator will appear at the top of the record and will indicate the position of the current record in the process.

If you have included a tool tip with the status, then the text associated with the tool tip is displayed when the user moves their mouse over the status.

Status Indicator-002.png

  • This feature is activated by enabling the Status Indicator Level 1 Standard Field.
  • As with all fields you can permission the status indicator only to be available to specific roles.
  • You can exclude a specific status from displaying in the Status Indicator by checking the Exclude from Status Indicator checkbox on the Status settings page.

Status Indicator-003.png

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