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Exporting Reports

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File Export
=File Export=
'''==File Extension'''==By setting File can be exported with the following file extension, you define which program on your computer should be used to process the exported report data. Some common extensions that are useful for exporting data are:
* '''txt''' – Windows Notepad.
7. Close the '''Notepad''' [[Application|application]].
==Export to Excel==
If you change the extension to '''xls''', then the file will be opened with MS-Excel.
1. Click the '''Reports''' tab.
2. Click the '''Edit''' button for the '''Employee List''' report.
3. Click the''' Custom Export''' tab.<br />
[[image:Advanced export settings.png]]
You can specify the layout of the report to be exported in the next screen
[[image:Advanced export settings2.png]]
'''Header''' section : you specify the column headings for your report to be exported.
'''Fields''' drop down : gives a list of variables that correspond to the fields selected in the report through report builder.
'''Details''' section : you specify the fields for the report to be exported. The fields that you select will be displayed right to left in exported report so select the field for the last column first.
4. Change the '''Extension''' to '''XLS''' or '''CSV'''.
5. Save the '''Layout'''.
6. Return to the '''Report''' list and click the '''Export''' button.
[[Image:Advanced export settings3.png|thumb|none|900px]]
The '''File''' is opened in MS-Excel.
[[Image:Excel report.png]]
'''IMPORTANT:''' In order to support '''special characters''' such as French accented letters, euro symbols etc [[SmartSimple]] uses UTF-8 encoding. When opening exported files Microsoft Excel always imports using ASCII, so special characters do not appear correctly. This is a flaw with Excel. In order to export data containing special characters to Excel use one of the procedures outlined on the [[Exporting Reports with Special Characters to Excel]] article.
* The following would export a report and subreport in Comma Separated Values format (CSV):
<pre> @Companies/Accounts - Company name@, @Companies/Accounts - Address 1@, @Companies/Accounts - City@, @Companies/Accounts - State@, @Companies/Accounts - Company ID@, @subreport_0@ {BREAK}</pre>
=Custom Export=

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