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Scheduled Report Export

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* [[System Administrator]]s can schedule report export to run periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly).
* Scheduled report export can be configured to export a file to 1.) a [[SmartFolders_Overview|SmartFolder]], or 2.) a sub-directory of a SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server.
=Configuration- Essentials=
''Scheduled Report Export'' is built using SmartSimple's [[Reports|integrated reporting subsystem]]. The settings for ''scheduled report export'' is available on the '''File Export''' tab of the Edit Reports page.
:** '''Password''' - password to allow access to the sftp
:** '''Path''' - sftp folder location where the files will be pushed i.e. /in or /out or /Payments/inbound
:* '''Update Status After Export''' - status of the records will changed to the selected status after export.:* '''Trigger Workflow After Export''' - workflow selected will be triggered to all records after export.:* '''Export File Name''' - file name of the file can be specified including stamp date. It is recommended to append a timestamp. To stamp the date, use [YYYY],[YY],[MM],[DD],[HH],[mm]. i.e. MyExportedReport_[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]:* '''Last Exported''' - date of the last export. =Configuration - Advanced= 

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