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:: '''To retrieve the above information from your Adobe Sign account:'''
:: i3.1. Login to your Adobe Account:: ii3.2. Go to Account:: iii3.3. To retrieve Client ID and Client Secret:::: - in Account tab - Adobe Sign API - API Applications (fig. 1)<br />- click on the API Applications record (fig. 1)<br />- click on the link '''Configure OAuth for Application '''(fig. 2)'''<br />'''- copy the Client ID for Application ID (#3)<br />- copy the Client Secret for Client Secret (#4)<br />- make sure Redirect URI included the link for your instance, e.g. or
:: (fig. 1)[[File:adobesecret1.png|thumb|none|800px|Adobe Account Setup.]]
:: (fig. 2)[[File:adobesecret2.png|thumb|none|300px|Adobe Account Setup.]]
:: iv3.4. To retrieve Authentication URL:::: - in Account tab - Account Settings - Account Setup (fig. 3)<br />- check Hostname, e.g. or (fig. 3)<br />- use this to construct the Authentication URL (#5), e.g. Adobe Sign Hostname =, Authentication URL =<br />(eg. or or, etc.)
:: (fig. 3)[[File:Adobe2.png|thumb|none|500px|Adobe Account Setup.]]
4. Click Save.<br />

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