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ORCID Integration

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==ORCID Basic Member APIIntegration Setting==To use After successful ORCID Integration, a ORCID Basic Member API (Production Member API) is required. ORCID API application: https://orcid, set up your Client ID and Client Secret in Integration Key
* each instance URL will need its own 1. Go to Global Settings - Integrations - Integration Key Management. 2. Click on '''New Integration Key'''. 3. Fill in Client ID and Client Secret from your ORCID APIapplication.* during signup4. Select one or more "Import ORCID Data" record types, you these determine the set of information that will need to provide Homepage url be pulled from ORCID.  ==Enable ORCID Import==Under Global Setting - User Roles, select a role and also a Redirect url check the option "Enable ORCID Import".Users with the selected role above will have the option for ORCID import under Profile - Personal Settings - Other (tab) - Profile - Profile Data Import (Import from ORCID - button)

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