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Roles and Security Settings

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By setting a default user role in your [[Personal Settings|personal settings]], the system will assume that you are adding someone using a specific role when you add a new person to the system. 
[[User Role|User roles]] organize (group) users and, in conjunction with these permissions and other logic, control what people can see and do in their [[SmartSimple]] [[instance]]. User Roles group similar people together and are additive; this means that a user may possess multiple roles, so roles need not be mutually exclusive. Typically, we will group users on what they will be doing within [[SmartSimple]] - for example, '''Reviewers, ''''''Grant  Grant Approvers '''- and by their department - for example, '''Human Resources '''or '''Accounting. '''A [[User|user]]'s [[User Role|role]] is there fundamental to their '''Role Base Access Control (RBAC), '''which comprises what we can apply the umbrella term of '''Role-Based Security.'''
==Advantages of Role-Based Security==

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