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Impact Map

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* Choose the UTA the map will be associated with based on the types of records you want to present on the map.  For this example, we will be using Level 2 records from a UTA, but the feature is also available on Level 1 records.  
* In order for records to be plotted on the map, the use of the standard fields 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' must be enabled on your records.  Review your records' standard fields, and enable these fields if not completed previously.
* You can define the Latitude and Longitude field values by utilizing the Address the Geocode Field Mapping feature detailed on the [[Configuring_the_Level_2_Entity]] page.
** Note: The values for Latitude and Longitude must be stored to the record by either saving the record or using the 'Retrieve Latitude/Longitude' workflow task type.
* In the UTA Settings, go to the Level 2 tab and select the 'Impact Map Settings' link.  

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