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Login Page

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The following [[JavaScript]] can be added to the login page for further customization. 
===Forgot Password===
: '''HTML: '''Forgot your password? Please click .
: '''JavaScript: '''
<pre>function passwdwin(){'/s_requestpassword.jsp', 'pwdwin',
The system-generated email sent to the user after selecting the '''Forgot Password '''option can be configured from [[Email#Email Templates for User Activation and Password|Email Templates for User Activation and Password]]. 
===Branch-Specific Forgot Password===
This functionality can be used when a user exists in the system multiple times with the same email address, but against different branches (organizations). The configuration means that only the password for the user account ''under a specific branch ''will be updated.
: '''HTML: '''Forgot your password? Please click . 
* Where ''12345 ''is the [[Companyid]]. 
: '''JavaScript: '''
<pre>function passwdwin(branch) {'/s_requestpassword.jsp?branchid='+branch,'pwdin','left=200,top=200,toolbar=0,width=300,height=214,directories=no,
} </pre>
A login page can be configured with multiple '''Forgot Password '''links, each including a different companyid as the parameter. Alternatively, you can create multiple login pages with a single link/companyid included on each page. 
When the user clicks on the '''Forgot Password '''link, enters their password, and submits it, then the underlying code will search for the entered email address in the company and all of its sub-organizations. It will then email the password for that branch-specific user account.
* The email sent can then be configured with [[Sslogic]] to tailor the content of the email to the specific branch.
* The error message displayed on this page when an invalid email is entered can be altered using the [[Language Library]].
==Alternate Login Pages==
Smartstaff, administrator

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