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ReCAPTCHA Security
=Configuration - Advanced=
==ReCAPTCHA SecurityCAPTCHA on the Login==Login pages If you enter the wrong email and password into the login page twice you will automatically enable Google reCAPTCHA functionality see a CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It is used in order this case to verify that a person and not an automated program is attempting to ensure security standardslogin. In order  [[captcha-login.jpg]] You can toggle the CAPTCHA on or off for your entire system by going to modify or disable this setting, go to '''Menu icon > Global Settings > Security '''Security tab > and scroll down choose either enabled or disabled. The inherit choice only affects signup pages and will not disable CAPTCHA on the login.Note you can also choose to bypass the bottom use of CAPTCHA for users in countries that are unable to communicate with CAPTCHA servers because of government policy. This is done by selecting a country such as China in the pagebypass setting.  [[File:Recaptcha. png|800px|border]]
:: [[File:Recaptcha.png|800px|border]]
==Error Message==
In order to display an '''Error Message '''when an incorrect login username or password is provided, simply include the following variable into the Login Screen HTML: '''@errmsg@'''
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