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Agreeing to Cookies
[[File:cookies.jpg|thumb|none|500px|The Cookies acceptance alert shown to all users first time they visit your system.]]
==Privacy and Security Policies==
Within your system you will need to setup Privacy and Security Policies. You will set these polices up for several language and country combinations. Typically a privacy policy will say what type of information you collect, why it is collected, how it is collected , what you will use the information for, who will have access to the information, how users will be notified of changes to the policy and who to contact regarding privacy concerns.
Learn more about [[Configuring_Privacy,_Confidentiality_and_Other_Policies|Configuring Privacy and Security Policies]]
The login page will have a button called Privacy & Security Policies in the main panel below the email and password inputs.
If you have chosen a date for Enforce User Acceptance the user will be brought directly to your policies upon login.
=Settings Explained=
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