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Notes Overview

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==Configuration - Advanced==
<pre> You must toggle on Advanced Options on the top right of your Note Type page in order for the Process and Classic tab to appear. </pre>
:: [[File:Advanced options1.png|border]]
===Configuring Workflows on Note Types===
:: [[File:Edit workflow settings.png|700px|border]]
: :* If you want to associate a Workflow that is not yet created for a Note Type, please see [[Workflows Overview#Create Workflow|how to create a workflow]]. You just need to ensure that the '''Workflow Type''' is set to '''Notes''' in order for the created workflow to appear as an option under a Note Type's '''Process''' tab. 
===Pre-created Notes Options===
When you create a note, you can choose to configure '''pre-created Notes Options. '''The impact is that the user who sees this note can select initial content for the note instead of manually and personally typing in the content. After the content is selected from the options, it can then be edited. The options are displayed only when a note is first created; after saving, they are no longer available. 
To define pre-created notes options, go to the '''Classic Options '''tab that is available when you first create a '''Note Type '''from '''Global Settings.'''
::: [[File:Classic options new notes type.png|600px|border]] :
Each option that you want to add should be '''delimited by semicolon, '''without spaces between.

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