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Notes Overview

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:: [[File:Note type workflow process.png|600px|border]] 
Clicking into the field labelled '''Workflow '''will enable a drop-down to appear with all the available Workflows associated with this note type. Here, you can switch between Workflows, or you can select the '''right arrow icon '''on the right of the field in order to edit the specific Workflow chosen. 
Clicking on the '''Workflow Settings '''button will open a modal window that allows you to edit the details related to that Workflow.
:: [[File:Edit workflow settings.png|900px700px|border]] * If you want to associate a Workflow that is not yet created for a Note Type, please see [[Workflows Overview#Create Workflow|how to create a workflow]]. You just need to ensure that the '''Workflow Type''' is set to '''Notes''' in order for the created workflow to appear as an option under a Note Type's '''Process''' tab.
===Pre-created Notes Options===

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