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Notes Overview

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'''Notes '''are a built-in feature into SmartSimple's platform, available in every [[instance]], that enables users to annotate records with comments and instructions. 
Notes will give you, your internal team, your external applicants, claimants, reviewers, and board members an increased level of communication right in your system without needing an outside email program or extra custom fields. Not only can an infinite number of notes be created, but you can also configure notes to have differing levels of visibility for [[User role|roles]], pre-created text options, and even triggers for [[Workflows]]. The benefits of Notes will go as far as you want to utilize and configure them. 
::: [[Image:NoteExample.png|link=|650px|border]]
* An '''Edit Notes '''icon on the left ([[Image:EditNoteIcon.png|link=]])
<pre> For security purposes, no user can edit ''''another user's Notes </pre>  
:: [[Image:NotesTab.png|link=|300px|border]]

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