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Notes Overview

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:: [[File:Notes left hand menu notif.png|300px|border]] 
Notes are Clicking on the '''Notes '''tab from the left side menu will open a list of available to records in both [[View Mode]] and [[Edit Mode]] - viewing allows access without modification, while editing allows the user to make changes or delete the notenotes on that record
When :: [[File:Edit and add new notes.png|1500px|border]]  On this Notes page, many options are visible available:  * Pressing the '''+ '''icon on a record, the panel can be efficiently expanded or hidden by clicking on top right will allow you to create a '''New Note'''* Pressing the vertical '''printer '''icon next to it will allow you to generate a print preview of '''all Notes '''tab.on that page* The '''Search Options: '''
:: [[Image:NotesTab.png|link=|300px|border]]

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