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Notes Overview

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{{Banner-UnderConstruction}}  Notes are a feature, built into SmartSimple's platform, that enable users to annotate records with comments and instructions.
Notes can be added to:
* [[UTA]] records
* Contact and company [[profile]]s
* and more...
System administrators can even add notes to individual [[custom fields]], templates and statuses in order to document processes and maintain a change log.
System administrators can create different types of Notes and set role-based permissions for editing and viewing each specific Note type. See [[Notes Permissions]] for additional information.
==Using Notes==
 Notes are available to records in both [[View Mode]] and [[Edit Mode]]. When Notes are visible, the Notes panel can be expanded or hidden by clicking on the vertical "Notes" tab.
In order to print a list of all Notes attached to an object, click on the "Expand" button to see a list of all the notes, then click "Print Preview."
[[Image:Expanded Notes.png|link=|450px]]
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||[[Image:Why.jpeg|50px|link=|50px]]||Click [ here] to learn why this feature is a benefit to your organization.

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