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Address Types

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:: [[File:Address type enable multiple address.png|450px|border]]
 4. Press '''Save''' at the bottom of the page. Once you have toggled on this optionand saved your change, you have the ability to associate organizations and users to multiple addresses. 
===Referencing Address Types===
===Troubleshooting Address Types===
The two key issues that we experience with users needing troubleshooting for Address Types is that they have not enabled '''Multiple Address''' function from the '''Global Settings''' page, or they have not made one of the Address Types in their system a '''Default''' for either Users or Organizations, a function which can be modified directly in that Address Type's page.
If you have other problems with Address Types and would like more hands-on support, please feel free to contact our [[How the SmartSimple Support Desk Works|Support Desk]], which provides 24-5 support for all of our clients.
==See Also==

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