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System Summary

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System Design Summary feature
3. Click the '''System Design Summary''' link.
4. The New System Design Summary window appears, with option to select which modules to include in the system document. Options include: * '''[[Global Settings]]''': summary of Global Settings, including Data Policies and Security Matrices* '''Tracking Applications''': settings for each individual [[Universal Tracking Application|UTA]]
* '''[[Workflows]]''': settings for each individual workflow
* '''[[Custom Fields]]''': custom field settings. Will automatically select Tracking Applications module if selected.
* '''[[Portal|Portals]]''': details of Portals configured against User Roles.
* '''Tracking Applications''': settings for each individual [[Universal Tracking Application|UTA]], including toggle option to indicate whether the summary should include [[Custom Fields]].
5. Once the modules are selected click the '''Generate''' button. A design summary document will be downloaded to your local machine.

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