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Upgrade Schedule
We regularly update the list of upgrade features and schedule for both the backup and production environments on this Wiki page.
This page will provide a general overview of each upgrade, with links to the Wiki articles describing the new or updated features and how to use them. You can also [http XVtQC1oGZ11ZQxRbXxdSQUlTZlN9 subscribe] to the [[:Category:Newsletter Archives|Technical Journal]] that is sent out prior to each upgrade on the [http XVtQC1oGZ11ZQxRbXxdSQUlTZlN9 Newsletter Signup Page]. (Unsubscribe [http XVtQC1oGZ11ZQxRbXxdSQUlTZlJ0 here]).
==System Upgrade Process==
Smartstaff, administrator

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