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=Current Upgrade Package: April July 2016=
<!--Watch this video to get a '''general overview''' of the new features in our October 2013 upgrade.
<!-- The server upgrade is scheduled for {{CurrentUpgradeDate}}, between 10pm - 10:15pm EST. -->
The Production SAAS server was last upgraded on January April 28th 2016, between 10pm - 10:15pm EST.
'''Important:''' The upgrade will be applied to your [[Backup Server and Testing Instances|backup server]] one week prior to the scheduled upgrade date for your production server.
You are encouraged to log into your backup server during this period to test the changes against your most recent data and configuration.
If your organization has a dedicated [[SmartSimple]] server or you host in-house, the upgrade will be made available '''on''' May 12thAugust 11th.
=Previous Upgrades=
Smartstaff, administrator

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