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Working with a cloud-based service provider means you probably hear a lot of unfamiliar words and phrases and wonder what they all mean. So, to help you better understand your system, the SmartSimple team has created a list of [[SmartSimple_Acronyms,_Abbreviations_and_Terminology | Acronyms, Terms and Abbreviations]] to clarify what we mean when we talk about things like the UTAs, Instances, Entities and SmartFolders.
'''About the SmartSimple Platform'''
SmartSimple is designed to help your organization connect with your communities and streamline your administrative processes, using a system that’s almost endlessly configurable. Once implemented, our clients are able to administer their SmartSimple system on their own, though, of course, our team is always available to help.
It’s been over a decade since we started helping clients, and our core mission of providing personalized software solutions is still at the center of everything we do.
'''Why the SmartSimple Platform?'''
SmartSimple is the ideal system for organizations that work with diverse and dispersed communities, giving you the power to control and track your information, your way. SmartSimple provides a high level of transparency for your users; you decide who can access your data through a series of unique user portals.
Completely automated, SmartSimple puts the control of your system in your hands. Our cloud-based solution means you can communicate and integrate seamlessly with your community and the world. SmartSimple works hand in hand with your team to implement your system, enhancing and organizing your processes in a way that’s intuitive to you and your users.
'''More than just a service provider…'''
SmartSimple is not just a supplier; we’re your trusted partner. Our team is at your side from the first demonstration through implementation, training and beyond, always here to answer questions, provide guidance and offer assistance whenever you need us.
We’ve worked hard to gain the trust of tens of thousands of users around the world: contact us to learn how we’ll earn your trust, too!

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