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And, if you're just kinda curious where exactly other SmartSimple users are working, click '''[ here]''' for an interactive map of our global community.
'''Exploring the WikiHow? and Why?'''
The [[SmartSimple]] Solution Platform is divided into the following areas within the Wiki:* '''[[System Architecture]]''' - these topics will provide Sometimes you with an in-depth technical overview of the '''System Design''' and '''System Extendability'''.* '''[[Organization and People]]''' - Organizations and people are key want to know how to the system - everything pivots around the person - every contact can be a [[User|user]] and every [[User|user]] can participate configure something in your unique organizationSmartSimple system* '''[[Universal Tracking Application]]''' - this is the [[Application|application]] that our customers use Sometimes you just want to create their unique [[Applications|applications]]. Historically this work would have required custom development. The Universal Tracking Application encompasses know why a wide range particular feature, or upgrade of functionalitiesa current function is useful or important. So, from managing research projects to managing insurance claims. * help you more easily navigate our Wiki, we've added two new categories: ''[[On-Demand]] [[Application|Applications]]''' - these built-in [[Applications|applications]]: [[Sales Tracking]], [[Applicant Tracking]], Email Broadcast, [[Web Form|Web Forms]] and [[Smart Folder|SmartFoldersCategory:How]] form a basic set of [[Applications|applications]] that can be enabled and configured. * '''[[Inter-organization Collaboration]]and ''' - these topics describe how you can link your [[Instance|instance]] of [[SmartSimple]] to other [[Instance|instances]] in order to share information and collaborate using the [[:Category:Universal Tracking Application|Universal Tracking ApplicationWhy]].'''
<!--* '''[[Talent Management]]''' - Organizations worldwide use [[SmartSimple]]'s talent management software as a service to assess, acquire, develop and align their workforce in relation to overarching strategic objectives. We recognize that an effective talent management strategy involves the integration of diverse HR initiatives such as recruitment, retention, employee engagement, leadership development, and succession planning. SmartSimple's talent management solution is used by both recruitment and employment agencies as well as individual companies of all sizes. Our clients appreciate that we understand the importance of talented and engaged employees as they are considered by many business leaders to be the only true source of differentiation in today's competitive marketplace. This makes talent management a major tactical business issue, and the top issue facing HR management.-->
We built [[SmartSimple]] to empower organizations in the 21st Century and we built the Wiki to make sure everyone can get all the information that you need when you need it.
'''[[Mike Reid and Keith Yau]]''', Founders - [[SmartSimple]] Software Inc.
'''[ For additional information please visit our website.]'''

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