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Session Time

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<li>When the user logs in and clicks the log out button - the time between these two events is logged as their session time.</li>
<li>When the user logs in and closes the browser, or navigates away from their SmartSimple session to a different website:</li>
<ul><li>If [[Enable Logout]] is set, the user will be [[Timeout Alert|prompted to confirm they want to log out]], the session will terminate and their session end time will be recorded accordingly.</li>
<li>If [[Enable Logout]] is not set, the system calculates the session time as the length of time set in the [[Session Timeout]] setting. For example, if a user is logged in for four hours and closes their browser without clicking the log out button, and the [[Session Timeout]] has been set to seven hours, the user's session time will be calculated as seven hours.</li></ul>

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