Select Check Boxes by Default

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If you want to have one or more Check Boxes selected by default you need to create a Browser Script to select the boxes.

Example: The following will check the 2nd and 4th options for Custom Field number 568279.

//This is to add the newonload function to the onload function so it runs when the page is loaded
var oldonload = window.onload;
if (typeof window.onload != 'function')window.onload = newonload;
else {
  window.onload = function() {

//This is the relevant function:
function newonload(){
var frm=document.form1;
   if (frm.opportunityid.value==0){
     frm.cf_568279[2].checked = true;
     frm.cf_568279[4].checked = true;


  • At Level 2 or 3 use document.frmevent instead of document.form1 and eventid instead of opportunityid