Restrict Contact Assignment

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At times you will want to:

  • define sets of roles that can be assigned to different activities
  • define sets of individuals that have permission to assign contacts to activities

Both these objectives can be achieved by using the Restrict Contact Assignment settings on the Level 2 Type


  • Restrict Contact Assignment by Contact (Level 2 only) - Allows you to restrict contact assignment for this Level 2 Type to named contacts.
For example, if the Level 2 Type is "Dissertation Review", and if there are 2 people in your company that look after all dissertation reviews you would specify them here by name so that only they could be assigned to level 2 records of this type
  • Restrict Contact Assignment by Role (Level 2 only) - Allows you to define which contact Roles can be assigned to this Level 2 Type.
For example, if the Level 2 Type is "Legal Contract", you may wish to specify that only contacts with the role of "Lawyer" can be assigned to records of this type.
  • Restrict Contact Assignment Role List - When assigning contacts to a Level 2 record, you can restrict the UTA Roles that are available from the dropdown with this section.

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