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When your report is built, the Header and Row sections of the Report Template are automatically populated with the HTML coding and SmartSimple variables corresponding to your selections on the Report Builder page.

The image above shows the automatically-populated report template of a report composed of two columns: "Fund Name" and "Payment Amount."

By including HTML code, you can personalized the elements of the report that will display on the page when a report is run or previewed. The following sections appear on the Report Template page:

  • Header - defines the column headings of the report. You can include variables here e.g.
    • Use @args[1]@, @args[2]@ to display the criteria entered by users
    • Use @runtime@ to display date/time report was run
  • Row - defines each "line item" of the report.
  • Report Template - defines the entire report page. The variables @header@, @rows@, @totalrows@ and @navbar@ can be used to set the position of the various elements of the report.
  • Criteria Template - defines the criteria section of a custom report template containing the prompt(s) for report parameter(s) when report criteria are used. See the Criteria Template page for additional information.

NOTE: You must ensure that any personalized Report Templates or Criteria Templates conform to all Accessibility legislation.

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