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  • By clicking on the hyperlink labelled "Recent" in the top right corner of the user's screen, a right-hand panel titled "Recent" can be shown containing a list of the most recently-viewed records. Users can then click on their most recently-viewed records to navigate easily through the system.
Recently Viewed Icon new.jpg
  • The Recently Viewed panel can be locked to always be shown on the right-hand side of the SmartSimple window, or, by default, will close when a recently-viewed record is selected.


  • The following recently-viewed SmartSimple objects are accessible from the Recently Viewed panel:

Note: The recently-viewed feature will display the information from the following fields for the respective SmartSimple objects:

  • Contact record - Full Name (First Name and Last Name Standard Fields)
  • Organization record - Name Standard Field
  • UTA record Level 1 - Title Standard Field
  • UTA record Level 2 - Subject Standard Field
  • UTA record Level 3 - Subject Standard Field
  • Transaction - Subject Standard Field
  • Reports - Report name
  • Settings Page - name of Settings Page or Custom Field

Disabling the Recently Viewed Feature

This feature can be disabled by system role. To disable the Recently Viewed Feature, take the following steps:

  1. Click the Configuration, Roles & Permissions menu.
  2. Under Manager Permissions, click on the System Permissions link.
  3. Under Restrictions Title bar click on Disable Recent/Action Bar option.
  4. Select the roles which should not have access to the Recently Viewed panel.

Using the Recently Viewed Feature

Navigating Records

To navigate to a recently-viewed record, simply click on the entry in the Recent panel.

Locking the Recently Viewed Frame

Clicking on the "Lock Recent Panel" icon (Lockframe.jpg) will toggle back and forth between a state where the Recently Viewed panel is always shown, and one where the Recently Viewed panel is hidden whenever a record is clicked upon. When the pinhead icon is red, the Recently Viewed panel is always shown.

Refreshing the Recently Viewed Frame

Clicking on the "Refresh" icon (Refreshicon.jpg) will refresh the Recently Viewed panel.