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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the May 2014 upgrade to your server:

Updated Icon Styles for Mobile Devices

  • New sets of icons are available to personalize the user portals.
  • Users on mobile devices will be automatically detected and their portal interface optimized for mobile useability.

Recent Searches

  • The system will now store a user's last five sets of search criteria, making it easier to switch between lists of records.
  • Select the dropdown under the "Apply Filter" heading of the Basic Search panel, or the "Saved Filter" heading of the Advanced Search panel, to see a list of the last five searches performed, under the heading "Last Searches."

Intruder Alert Emails

  • We've enhanced the feature that sends emails to alert system administrators of unauthorized login attempts. Now multiple recipients can be specified to receive intruder alert emails.

Update to Advanced Searching on Dates

  • When using date fields as search criteria in Advanced Search, users can now easily specify whether they want records from "Last Year" or "This Year."

Addition of NTEE Code to IRS Database Search

  • A new column for NTEE code has been added to the IRS database search form. This column can also be mapped back to the organization when it is created.

Update to List View Status Colours

  • The status colour for each row within a UTA List View has been moved to an indicator at the start of the row as opposed to highlighting the entire row.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

Arcadia X Interface

  • An easy method of building custom user interfaces is now available.
  • Arcadia X allows System Administrators build role-based portals with features such as tab-based navigation, and customized list views with enhanced filtering and searching options.

List View Improvements

  • List views can now be built so that the entire row is clickable, allowing an easier user experience for accessing individual records.
  • As well, list views can be configured to be pre-filtered, so that switching to a list view applies the filter and initially shows only the relevant records.

Report Builder Enhancements

  • The Report Builder has been enhanced to calculate sub-grouping aggregates and totalling.
  • System Administrators will find that this allows them to circumvent the need to build subreports and build summary reports on their data more quickly.

XML Field Enhancement

New Functionality for Save / Save Draft buttons

Enhancements to Copying Records

  • The permissions for copying Universal Tracking Application™ records have been enhanced.
  • System administrators can define, by role, the permissions for parts of a record that will be copied. See Setting Copy Restrictions for more information.
  • The user interface for the Copy Record page is also simplified.

Enhancement to PDF Writer

  • Web Page Views can now be configured to specify the filename for a PDF file generated from that Web Page View. See this page for additional information.

Enhancement to User Lockout Functionality

  • System administrators can now define a custom message to display to users when a user is locked out due to too many failed login attempts.
  • This message will only display when a user has been locked out, and attempts to log in again with the correct password. Therefore, no information will be divulged to users that fail their login.