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You can pass different values to a new Level 1 record using parameters.

Parameter List

  • defaultownerid - Passes owner ID
  • defaultpersonid - Passes person ID
  • defaultstatusid - Passes status ID (This only works if the record does not exist. Allow to Set permissions apply.)
  • companyid - Passes Company ID
  • opportunitytypeid - Passes Type ID
  • branchid - Passes Branch ID
  • appid - Passes UTA ID
  • providertoken - Links new record to UTA using Provider/Consumer
  • initnew - Creates the L1 with values saved, and linkages for C/P (initnew=1)

Use Example

Create a read only field on contacts with the following syntax:

Note: You can create a system variable that has the template IDs and names, that would replace the hard-coded combo box below.
<select class="Large" name="opportunitytypeid" id="opportunitytypeid">
  <option value="0">--Select One--</option>
  <option value="11608">Beginning Years</option>
  <option value="11607">Healthy Active Children</option>
  <option value="11603">Diabetes</option>
  function createForm(){
     var oppID=document.getElementById('opportunitytypeid').value;
          alert("Please select a template");
  return false;}
  <input type=button class=Button onclick="createForm()" value="Create Form"/>
Token Syntax for &providertoken:



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