Newsletter April 2008 - Issue 28

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Customizable Contact Duplicate Checking

  • You can now define which custom and standard fields should be used when checking for duplicate contacts. So if your organization uses date of birth in conjunction with other fields, this field can be added to the duplicate checking.

File Type Custom Field will be Online Editable

  • Up to now, you have been able to edit a document on-line through the on-line editor plug-in, provided the file was stored in a Smart Folder. We have extended this functionality to include files stored in custom fields.

Workflow on Notes

  • Workflows can now be attached to notes. So the creation of a note can trigger an alert, an approval, or even schedule an event.

Workflow Tabs/Category

  • You can now organise your workflows into categories in the same way that you can organise reports.

Track History of Single File and Multi File Fields

  • The change history of a file type field is now being tracked in the same way as other custom field types.

Sort Order on Multiple File Fields

  • You can now sort multiple file field lists in either ascending or descending sequence.

Batch Update Status

Status and Status Triggers on Personal Transaction for Level One

  • Statuses can be attached to personal and company transactions. This allows a record to be a draft or submitted status, and once submitted the transaction can be locked in a similar manner to other transaction types.

Notes and History Tabs added to Web Page Field

  • You can now add a status change history and notes to a Webpage field.


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational. Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

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