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New ability to chain multiple autoloaders to run the same file in sequence. This allows you to load a single file through multiple autoloader imports in a specific sequence. This is useful for various integration processes that aim to import data.

Use Cases

  • Using the same file in different autoloaders
Example a company record contains three addresses organised by column. So first Autoloader reads and creates the company record including default address. Second Autoloader uses other columns to create second address record.Third Autoloader creates the third address records.
  • Using different files as per autoloader sequence
Example one file contains company records, second file contains addresses for company. Two Autoloaders are required.

In both cases, autoloader will process the file/files in sequence.


1. Create two autoloaders 

  • e.g. Autoloader 1 will create the Parent Company while Autoloader 2 will create the sub-companies.

2. Link the second autoloader to the first autoloader

  • Go to the settings of Autoloader 1 and proceed to the PROCESS tab,
    and select Autoloader 2 from the Run sequential Autoloader after loader ends
LinkingAutoloader 1.PNG

3. External Data Source & Schedule

Proceed to the General tab of Autoloader 1, specify the Folder Type and Folder where the file will be located. Select Connection Type and configure connection type. Then configure schedule of Autoloader 1.

For Autoloader 2, 1.if you are using the same file, Connection Type should be N/A, Frequency should be On File Upload and specify the Folder Type and Folder which is a different folder name from Autoloader 1. Note that the same file will be placed into the 2nd folder name. 2. If you are using a different file, configure connection type, Frequency should be On File Upload and specify the Folder Type and Folder.

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