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User Language Setting

Each user can select the language of their choice through System Profile menu. There are over 20 languages available. However changing language does not automatically translate the system. The behavior of the system will still depend on the configuration.

  • If all interface elements have been translated then the entire system will be rendered in the selected language.
  • If only parts of the interface have been translated then only the translated components will be rendered in the selected language, the rest will be rendered in English.
  • If nothing has been translated for that language then everything will be displayed in English.

Note: you can always see the Language ID (numeric value) being using in the Address Bar of your browser and, in fact, you can simply change that number to change the language.

Lang ID Language Used for Config? Notes
1 English (US) Yes
21 English (UK) Yes
2 French (Canada) Yes
3 Traditional Chinese No
4 German No
6 French (France) No
7 Japanese No
8 Finnish No
10 Vietnamese No
11 Russian No
12 Turkish No
13 Italian No
14 Spanish No
15 Korean No
16 Portuguese No
17 Swedish No
18 Georgian No
19 Arabic No
20 Dutch No
23 Danish Yes
25 Hindi No
26 Nepali No

To access the langid value of the current user use @me.langid@

  • langid 99 is reserved for XML tags on custom fields.

For an overview of the configuration process related to languages review the Category:Translation.

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