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Selecting the Display as Tab on List View under Parent Record setting for a given Level 2 (or Level 3) Type will cause that Type to be displayed on a separate tab in the list of Level 2 (or Level 3) activities at the bottom of a Level 1 (or Level 2) record.

  • By default, the label on the tab will the be the name of the Level 2 or 3 Type.
  • You can also use the Tab Name setting (Level 2 only) to define a custom name for the tab.
  • If you use the same tab name for multiple Level 2 Types, they will appear on the same tab, allowing you to group related Level 2 Types.

Once Display as Tab on List View under Parent Record has been enabled you can personalize the List View for the items listed on that tab, by clicking on the List Views selection on the left-hand vertical navigation bar.

  • Types that are not displayed on their own tabs will appear on the first tab (Other Level 2 Types) and will use the List View that is configured on the Settings page.
  • If you use the same Tab Name for more than one Type (thus grouping multiple Types onto the same Tab) it will also use the List View configured on the Settings page, the same List View as the Other Level 2 Types tab.

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