Custom Field Type: Select One - Internal Organization Dropdown List

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General Description

User is able to look up internal entities and store the name – single selection. Internal entities are displayed in a combo box. The resulting data is read only and not linked to the underlying entity.

Field Illustrated

Cf soie ex3.png
Select One - Internal Entity field, in Edit Mode (above)

Cf soie ex2.png
Select One - Internal Entity field, in View Mode (above)

Cf soie ex4.png
Select One - Internal Entity field, in General Settings with Role Id criteria (above)

Field Options

All common options:
General Settings
Permissions & Availability
Classic Options
For further information, please refer to Custom Fields – General Information.

Options listed below are specific to this particular field type.

  • Criteria - Selects the internal entity based on entered criteria, e.g. rolelist like "%,12345,%" (This will delimit the list of selectable internal entities to those possessing the role with the roleID of 12345.)