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The Custom Field IDs section of the Edit Custom Field page can be used to reduce variable processing time for fields such as Web Page View and MS Word Merge.
This is appropriate for instances that have a very large number (in the hundreds or thousands) of Custom Fields.


  • Custom Field IDs allows you to specify the field IDs of the custom fields that are being referenced from within the field (for example, on a Web Page View). Instead of the SmartSimple system processing all possible variables, it will simply process the variables specified.
  • You should use the Extract IDs link to auto-populate the field with the appropriate IDs.
  • Clicking on the Display Field Names will show you the Custom Field names associated with the IDs listed.

Important: This should only be used if all the variables within the Custom Field are found at the same level as the Custom Field.

For example, if the Web Page View field is at Level 2 you should only populate the Custom Field IDs section if all the variables listed on the Web Page View are found at Level 2. They can be anywhere at level 2 (on Types, within Dynamic Control Fields, etc).

If you need to refer to custom fields on other levels or on contacts, organizations, etc., then you should leave the Custom Field IDs section blank.

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